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"This 'shaking hands' business must stop. If you don't want me to eat your hand, then why offer it in the first place?" -Jar-of-Bugs, 897, 4th Cycle
Practical and to-the-point, a conversation with a lizardfolk can prove disarming to a person unused to their blunt manner. While many races have fought for independence and home rule, lizardfolk seem content to live anywhere so long as the climate's humid and the food is plentiful. This mindset can make them adaptable to whatever land they travel to, but it can also alienate them from the locals for their refusal to engage in politics. The lizardfolk's ideal home is the blue dragonborn Lotan Conservation where they never have to worry about global politics, but for those wandering the world it can be a challenge to find a town willing to let them fish and hunt in peace.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The world's largest population of lizardfolk exists in the blue dragonborn Lotan Conservation, protected from the threat of regional politics and warfare. The lizardfolk serve as reliable defenders of the Conservation, but they prefer to leave the negotiations and diplomatic meetings to their blue dragonborn counterparts.
  • Lizardfolk communities have been found in many swampy regions of Pescat, including the lakeside edges of the Koulan Forests and the distant isles near Oridelfa. These bands of lizardfolk sometimes interact with the outside world to trade for goods and weapons, but most times the lizardfolk prefer to all but ignore regional politics and go about their lives in peace. 
  • Stories tell of a lizardfolk named Jar-of-Bugs attempting to establish a tribe of lizardfolk in the human nation of Gameth. Perhaps exiled from the Lotan Conservation, the druid lizardfolk has had limited success navigating Gamerian politics and expanding the size of his tribe.
60 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
Proliferation: Rare   Stats/Rules: Volo's

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