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Chusei University

The most prestigious university in the Northern Territories. Based in the independent city-state of Sanjuro City, Chusei was founded to provide students with a well-rounded education regardless of the feuds and wars defining the region. In recent years the university has become world-renowned for its vast collection of artifacts dating back to the Dragon God-Kings and Old Myltev.


The Headmaster of Chusei decides how funding is allocated to the different departments of the school. Sanjuro City provides an annual endowment, but most of the school's income comes from its alumni living all over the Northern Territories.   There are three main factions at the school: the faculty, the security force, and the student body. Chusei's security force patrols the university campus and the surrounding neighborhoods, acting as a standing army to defend Sanjuro City.


Leaders of Chusei


  • Chusei contains the largest library and museum in the Northern Territories
  • Claiming alumni from every major family in the Northern Territories, Chusei is a rare neutral territory for rival factions to meet and negotiate


The 600's of the 4th Cycle marked an unprecedented era of peace and prosperity in the Northern Territories as the Kiri and Kawa clans concluded decades of warfare. A new generation of young leaders attempted to foster collaboration between the rival kingdoms, leading to the establishment of Sanjuro City in 608 as a neutral territory for both families to meet and peacefully discuss regional disputes.   Sanjuro City became a popular destination for political refugees seeking shelter from the ceaseless feuding that consumed the Northern Territories, turning the region into a haven for a wide spectrum of political beliefs and opinions. The city's well-educated founders believed that a school should be created to maintain the open discussion of ideas in the region, leading to Chusei's founding in 611.   For decades Chusei's faculty stood above the fray and focused on providing its students with a well-rounded education, attracting some of the region's brightest minds as the Territories descended into another century of warfare. No matter how terrible the fighting became, Chusei's facilities remained neutral territory to the point that neither army dared invade from decades of fond college memories.   The principle of neutrality guided Chusei's headmasters for nearly three centuries, but after the Silk Page's invasion of Sanjuro City in 876 many of its professors debated whether the school should take a more active role in the world to prevent future attacks. Chusei had avoided confrontation with the Territories' warring factions, but there were creatures from worlds beyond Ekal that threatened to completely upend the global order. When the monstrous Sunken God destroyed the 4,000-year-old Elflands Empire in a matter of months, Chusei's faculty agreed they could no long stand idly by and wait for the next monster to crash through the Material Plane. University agents started to situate themselves into key government positions throughout Sanjuro City, slowly becoming the de facto head of state and law enforcement in the city. Years of work and political intrigue have turned Chusei into the most powerful institution in Sanjuro City, but the school's former headmistress Kyoko Hara believed that the school's power could be expanded beyond the city's borders. This led to the creation of the Northern Union in 919 under Kyoko's supervision, with her appointed successor Klute ensuring that Chusei University remains a vital enforcer of regional stability for years to come.   After mixed results hiring adventurers from the Gilded Hecat Guild, Chusei has tried to cultivate a guild of adventurers of its own known as the Special Research Division that can explore ancient lairs and dungeons to retrieve artifacts for the school. As Rakka learned several decades ago, finding suitable adventurers can be a grueling endeavor.

Strength in Knowledge


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