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A female kalashtar and Head of security at Chusei University, 919 - Present. Former captain of the Chusei's security force in the frontier town of Strawberry Fields 910 - 919. While choosing to keep her kalashtar background a close-kept secret, she was willing to provide the Fortunate Five with plenty of information about the Koulan Forests before their expedition there in the winter of 918.   After the FF defeated Ownka Ramm in the early days of 919, Inaba set about expanding Sanjuro City's influence in the region by annexing territory and offering shelter to refugees from the violence of the Kiri Remnant. In just under four months she'd managed to expand the kingdom's territory by more than 27%, establishing lumber camps and settlements to rival the output of the Sardivelian city of Mokazai. By the time she became head of Chusei's security force in 919, she'd managed to double the size of Sanjuro City while seamlessly avoiding conflict with Sardivelia or Koulan's primordial spirit.    In the spring of 919 she was captured by Craghan Navierre, a githzerai archmage obsessed with fellow kalashtar Windred Ozlow. He had been collecting kalashtar from all over Pescaliat to disable Windred's quori spirit, but capturing Inaba was intended to put the pressure on Windred and force her to come out of hiding. The plan worked, leading to a violent showdown in the Koulan Forests with Craghan's death and the destruction of his floating lighthouse. Inaba was badly wounded, but Windred managed to stabilize her and bring her back to Sanjuro City to convalesce.

After several months of recovery she was entually appointed by Kyoko Hara to replace Toshiro Matsui as head of Chusei's security force. More willing to listen to soldiers inspired by Zan'kiri's unorthodox thinking, she's been working to modernize the city-state's defensese to ensure it can hold onto all the territory it annexed during her years as frontier captain.

Mental characteristics


  • Local Guard, Chusei University (905 - 910)
  • Captain of Strawberry Fields (910 - 919)
  • Head of Chusei Security (920 - Present)
Current Location
Year of Birth
884 44 Years old
Aligned Organization

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