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Sanjuro City

A sprawling city-state in the center of the Northern Territories. It was founded in the 600's as a neutral territory for members of the Kiri and Kawa clans to discuss peace terms, its political leaders maintaining the region's political independence for centuries. The city is also home of Chusei University, the most prestigious center for higher learning in the Northern Territories.   Sanjuro City's Neighborhoods:
  • Chusei University District: A majority of Chusei’s staff and faculty live in this part of town (Notable Landmarks: Museum of Natural Wonders, Samira Kayhane's Apartment)
  • Yukio Wharfs: The busiest stretch of docks and ports in Sanjuro City; the FF fought Raptor Jesus and the Gruumsh-worshiping lizardfolk here in the winter of 919; a lot of Chusei security guards, local merchants, and metalworkers live here
  • Saffron Square: the wealthiest part of town, home to the city’s Temple of the Ageless One and the palace of the Shicho royal family; in recent years elven nobles from the collapsed Kiri Clan have settled here and become an influential faction in local politics
  • Sarditown: Sardivelian and Gamerian merchants live here; the Northern Territories is slowly opening up to other regions and cultures, but for the time being Sarditown is the only place in Sanjuro City with a large population of Common speakers
  • The Kegareta: the poorest section of town, devastated by the Silk Page's siege of the city in 876 and failing to fully recover; Dockhands and day laborers live here, this was where the Fortunate Five traveled into the sewers to attack Ownka Ramm's lizardfolk in the winter of 919; Patrick lives here; in the 920's the neighborhood experienced a renaissance thanks to investments made by the adventurer Xa'kara Reid and her group Stewards
In the 910's the city-state started annexing territory in the neighboring Koulan Forests thanks to Cpt. Inaba, quickly becoming a regional power able to compete economically and militarily with other nation-states in the region.


  • 31% Human
  • 16% Dragonborn
  • 14% Elven
  • 12% Gnomish
  • 12% Halfling
  • 3% Tiefling
  • 2% Kenku
  • 10% Other Races



Lord Mayors of Sanjuro City


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