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A port town on the Gulf of Lotan and capital of New Tolball. For centuries its harbors acted as the gateway to the riches of the elven Kiri Clan, but after the kingdom's collapse following the Oda-Kiri War in 908 it was fought over for years by rival warlords during the era of the Kiri Remnant. The city was conquered by Shogun Tolball with help from the Fortunate Five adventuring group in 919, becoming a haven for pirates from all over Pescaliat while becoming a beacon of stability for commoners throughout the region.   Notable Neighborhoods
  • Happy Harbors: the vast network of ports and docks that offer safe haven to pirate vessels of all stripes. There are plenty of shops and taverns for rowdy pirates to explore, and there's a duel to watch in the town square every breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Kiri Castles: the ancient hilltop fortresses and walls surrounding the city. Shogun Tolball holds court at theses castles overlooking the city.
  • The Shizukana: This neighborhood located in the center of town is the quietest part of the city, pirates found disturbing the peace or assaulting locals here are quickly executed by the Flinky. Many commoners enjoy the sense of peace and stability here.


  • 89% Other Races
  • 11% Human


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