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Kiri Remnant

An anarchic land of warlords and pirates in the lands formerly ruled by the elven Kiri Clan. After the kingdom's collapse in 908, 4th Cycle, following the Oda-Kiri War the victorious Oda Clan failed to control these newly conquered lands and was unable to stop bands of mercenaries from taking advantage of the chaos.    In 919 much of the Remnant fell under the control of Shogun Tolball during the Tolball Wars, and by the mid-920's the remnants of the Remnant had been fully absorbed into borders of New Tolball.


Bucephalus the Rambunctious, leader of Oda Clan in the 4th Cycle's tenth century, managed the impossible by wiping Kiri Clan off the map after a 4,000-year existence. But Bucephalus proved to be a better general than administrator, struggling to annex all these new lands that technically would make Oda Clan one of the largest kingdoms in Pescaliat. Many tribes within Kiri Clan's interior had lived and died under elven rule for countless generations, eyeing these conquerors with suspicion and outright hostility. The cities of Younashi and Shisu were eventually subjugated, but the rural lands east of the Maguro River soon became ungovernable after several successful uprisings.   While some hoped to establish a new version of the Kiri Clan free from elven oppression, infighting and vendettas quickly made any kind of large-scale nationstate impossible. The situation wasn't helped when hundreds of outlaw pirates from Myltev sailed into the region, helping to usher in a new age of piracy to rival that of their homeland's Lawless Years more than a century ago.   More than a decade after the fall of Kiri Clan, the Kiri Remnant has become dangerous territory even for a region no stranger to violence. Sardivelia has amassed sizeable fleets to keep the Gulf of Lotan navigable for its merchant vessels, but little could be done by its forces to combat the warlord's of the Remnant's interior whenever they raid neighboring villages. It took a warlord like Shogun Tolball with enough support and funding to bring a semblance of order to the region, putting an end to a decade of chaos and instability in the Northern Territories.

Demography and Population

  • 22% Orcish
  • 10% Kuo-Toa/Bullywug
  • 5% Goblinkin
  • 2% Elven
  • 65% Other Races (Tabaxi, Human, Lizardfolk, etc.)

910, 4th Cycle - 925, 4th Cycle

Predecessor Organization
Successor Organization
Government System
Neighboring Nations


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