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HB Session 6: Downtime Well Spent

General Summary

Month 4, Week 1 - Month 5, Week 1, 924
  With every party member 3,000GP richer after the Parmesan raid, the Holy Boaters found plenty of ways to spend their hard-earned gold. Noodles visited the local forges and smithies to work on new firearms, befriending an intense blue dragonborn to help him construct a hand mortar. The rest of the party visited with a veteran Handgun broker by the name of Alice Quickly, lavishing her with gifts and gold to ensure the delivery of much-desired magic items. Everybody save for Sarek got what they asked for from the haul, the yuan-ti's requested item intercepted by members of the Vivaldi Family. While Sarek met with some locals to start mapping out a revenge plan against the Vivaldis, Muireann and Noodles discussed Sardivelian Coin Toss and got picture-perfect profiles drawn of themselves by a Chusei University dropout.   One night over drinks at Takagi's Tavern Cpt. Dolooloobogg went over the various quests available for the Boaters to take this spring: a graduate of Mulane College was willing to pay them for hunting down a sahuagadile near Qazvin, Sabha; Argus needed an extra ship to help him with a raid on some Sardivelian vessels near the Poroshenko, Glace; and an elderly pirate named Seraphina Altera wanted somebody to search for some missing allies in the waters near Oakengaard, Gameth. A majority of the Boaters' officers agreed to take on the sahuagadile as their next assignment, but they had Dolooloobogg speak with Argus to ensure that the raid would still be available for them to take after the monster hunt. If Seraphina finds someone else to find her crew in the meantime, so be it.   Wrapping up their time in Nekutalin, the Boaters started sailing south towards the coasts of Sabha to hunt down this notorious sahuagadile. Clover made sure to stock up on breadsticks during her lavish dinner with Alice, giving Marco plenty even if he didn't know how to eat them. The voyage took a little more than a week, the first sign of trouble coming near the edges of the Gulf of Lotan when a massive swarm of quippers started tearing into the Holy Boater. The quippers could've torn a hole through the ship's lower decks, but Shazir put his newly-acquired magic item to good use and flew out over the water to distract the swarm. Combined with Sarek's illusory spells, the swarm was quickly disippated and the voyage continued into the open waters of the Karaga Sea.

Rewards Granted

  • Clover obtained a Ring of Water Walking and a Stone of Good Luck
  • Shazir obtained a pair of Winged Boots
  • Yel'ah obtained a Sentinel Shield
  • Muireann and Noodles obtained photorealistic sketches of themselves 
  • Noodles obtained multiple rounds of ammunition 
  • Noodles provided the party with numerous books and reading material
  • Yel'ah constructed a workout bench for the Holy Boater 

Character(s) interacted with

  • Dolooloobogg - Captain of the Holy Boater, don't ask about the nightmares
  • Alice Quickly - A veteran Handgun agent, currently enjoying a cushy job as Nekutalin's foremost magic item broker
  • Marigold High-hill - A graduate of Mulane College eager to spend obscene amounts of money to research Sahuagadiles
  • Wobbles - a male Sardivelian gnome with a bone to pick with the Vivaldi Family (as does Sarek)
  • Dranatha - a female blue dragonborn helping Noodles construct a hand mortar
  • A human male and Chusei University dropout who drew some of the most photorealistic sketches ever put to paper for Muireann and Noodles
  • Marco - the poor man doesn't know how to eat breadsticks
Report Date
29 Nov 2022
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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