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Vivaldi Family

One of the five great noble families of Sardivelia. Based in the town of Catorce, for centuries the family made a name for itself crafting some of the world's fastest vessels, the envy of Sardivelia's nobility. The Vivaldis used this wealth to study the arcane and purchase powerful relics, sometimes leading to the family's undoing in coalitions or the corruptions of its members like with Cella Vivaldi.   In the late 800's and early 900's of the 4th Cycle the Vivaldis bit off more than they could chew with their arcane experiments, collaborating with liches like Fairouz the Undying¬†and scamming adventurers with cursed relics. This drew the ire of Paoli Piedmonte, who cursed the family patriarch with the 'Feeblemind' spell in 918 and plunged them into an era of chaos and backbiting.

La Magia Del Mare

Founding Date
206, 4th Cycle
Family Leader
Parent Organization

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