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Mulane College

The most prestigious bard college in Pescaliat. Founded during the reign of Empress Cordelia (1186, 3rd Cycle - 1633, 3rd Cycle) of the Elflands, the college became a lauded institution for all types of performers and entertainers eager to expand their skill set and shape the global discourse.


The college's president reviews the college's rigorous applications and determines the kinds of improvements needed to keep Mulane modern. Generous endowments from the Elflands Empire ensured that the College rarely wanted when it came time for renovations of college expansions.


After Emperor Fortinbras I's (629, 3rd Cycle - 1186, 3rd Cycle) ruthless conquest of the majority of southern Pescat, Empress Cordelia (1186, 3rd Cycle - 1633, 3rd Cycle) attempted to survey the newly conquered territories and chronicle their unique cultures and histories. This goal transformed into a centuries-long project where hundreds of imperial officials trekked the breadth of the empire to chronicle and transcribe thousands of oral stories and legends all over the Empire. From kuo-toa folk tales to dragonborn epic poems, hundreds of thousands of pages were written to memorialize every major culture and religion in the Elflands. The different races may have joined the Empire under violent means, but Cordelia wanted all of them to feel recognized and represented by the new imperial government.   After all of the stories and legends were collected, a library was needed to store them all for future generations. Thus one of Cordelia's most lasting contributions was the establishment of Mulane College in the first century of her reign, a center for storytellers to research thousands of years' worth of legends and craft new tales for years to come.   Originally admission to the college was limited to elves, but as Mulane College's popularity and influence grew in the world bards from all races and backgrounds were allowed to study and perform. Founded in the halfling town of Noggin, a majority of the school's student body was halfling by the start of the 4th Cycle and halfling bards could be found in every kingdom in Pescaliat.   As the Elflands Empire showed its age and became more ruthlessly oppressive, Mulane became a hotbed for insurrections and riots protesting each new draconian measure adopted by the Empire. For a time the Empire's leaders were able to appease the school with generous endowments, but by the end of Emperor Polonius III's reign in 896 the demands for change and reform became too great to ignore and helped ignite the Characters Revolution that same year.


Leaders of Mulane College  
  • Jillian Littlefoot (869 - Present)
Founding Date
1234, 3rd Cycle
Educational, University

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