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Capital of the halfling Treeleaf Union. Home to Mulane College, the oldest bard college in the world. It has long been a destination for aspiring bards and performers and is a vital point of trade in Pescat.


  • 72% Halfling
  • 6% Human
  • 1% Elven
  • 21% Other Races


The Elflands Empire conquered the halfling territories of eastern Pescat early in the reign of Emperor Fortinbras I (629, 3rd Cycle - 1186, 3rd Cycle), but despite centuries of oppression the halflings of Noggin managed to maintain a strong sense of identity. Perhaps that was thanks to the city's founder, Mulaney Bigjon, a legendary bard who built a small amphitheater for performances on the site of modern-day Mulane College.   Mulaney surrendered the city without a violent siege, masterfully negotiating with the elven conquerors to provide the town with plenty of benefits and protections. For this reason Noggin became a cultural capital of the Elflands, attracting aspiring bards from all over the Empire to practice their crafts and escape imperial oppression. This led to several student-led protests over the years arguing for government reforms, but the typical response from the Elflands was to increase Mulane College's endowment and make insignificant adjustments to imperial policy.   The city became a major hotbed of unrest during the Character Revolution of 896, and after the New Year's Massacre of 897 it was one of the only cities strong enough to fend off the sahuagin hordes of the Sunken God's Reign of Terror. The city was besieged for months on end, and as the year drew to a close the Royal Knights Brigade defended Noggin from a wave of sahuagin abominations and helped the coalition fleets dock at the city before sailing towards Kassadeia for a final confrontation with the Sunken God. After the Battle of Kassædeia in 897 and the signing of the Treaty of Iverburg in 898 the city became the capital of the newly-founded Treeleaf Union, upholding the ideas of freedom and democracy held by centuries of Mulane College alumni.


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