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Tye Shadowquick

Former prime minister of the Treeleaf Union, 899 - 909. A veteran in the campaigns against the Sunken God, he oversaw the nation's transition from imperial oppression to self-sufficiency. Lauded for his efforts to rebuild the city of Ardin as a major economic hub in Southern Pescat, his second term ended in disgrace when it was revealed that many of his military exploits had been fabricated for political convenience. His refusal to run for a third term left his party fractured and leaderless, allowing for dozens of new parties to rise up and attempt to take leadership of the Treeleaf Union for themselves. Cassandra Gaspard had to oversee multiple caretaker governments in the 910's before political order was restored in the Union.

Mental characteristics


Current Location
Year of Birth
829 106 Years old
Aligned Organization
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