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"For centuries we lived in a world defined by elves and their traditions. At the dawn of a new chapter in our world's history, it's time that we hear the songs and voices of a dozen other races." -Cassandra Gaspard at the Treaty of Iverburg, 898, 4th Cycle
A spirited race of entertainers and diplomats, halflings have begun to play a more influential role in global politics with the decline and collapse of many elven kingdoms. Halflngs now lead governments in nations as diverse as Oda Clan and Sabha, and the new all-halfling government of the Treeleaf Union now stands as one of the freest nations in Ekal. Wherever halflings go in the world, they always bring with them a dozen songs and a couple political speeches.

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Geographic Origin and Distribution

  • The newly-founded Treeleaf Union stands as the largest halfling nation in all of the world, its capital of Noggin attracting aspiring bards and merchants from all over the world. The nation's halfling fought hard for their independence, valuing freedom and the Union's democratic institutions. Many halflings see the Union as a shining example to the rest of the world as an alternative to oppressive monarchies.
  • The largest concentration of halflings in the Northern Territories live in the town of Oka in the Yosei Clans, content to maintain humble farms and fishing villages isolated from the constant wars between the Kiri and Kawa Clans. Many halflings native to the region enjoy the quiet life, but some choose a life of adventurer like Bucephalus the Rambunctious.
  • A large community of halflings lives in the desert nation of Sabha, made up of political refugees fleeing oppression in the Elflands Empire. As Sabha modernized and transformed into a parliamentary-style democracy, many halflings became leading political figures like Prime Minister Gregor Orangeoak.
150 yrs.
Geographic Distribution
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