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Gregor Orangeoak

Prime Minister

Former Prime Minister of the kingdom of Sabha, 878 - 886 and 895 - 912. He spent his early years as a bard at Mulane College in the Elflands city of Noggin, but after he participated in a failed student protest in the 810's he was blacklisted by the Elflands government and failed to get a job anywhere in the Empire. He set out for the more open-minded kingdom of Sabha, purchasing a run-down tavern and using it as a platform for his political ambitions. He was elected Prime Minister in a landslide election in 879, running a platform of technological investment to stay competitive with kingdoms like Rakka and Gameth. His party managed to form a governing coalition after a close election in 903, but fractures appeared in his decades-long rule after taking in thousands of elven refugees from the Elflands Empire during the Sunken God's Reign of Terror in 897. He struggled to keep his coalition together in the face of a brutal trade war with Sardivelia, retiring in 912 as a new generation of politicians won office with a stronger anti-Sardivelian stance.
Current Location
Year of Birth
785 143 Years old
Aligned Organization

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