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Josephine Elderberry

Secretary of Intrigue

A female halfling and Secretary of Intrigue in the Treeleaf Union, 899 - Present. Recognizing that her homeland would require an adventuring group of its own to stay competitive with rival kingdoms in the industrial era, Josephine sent out spies all over Pescaliat to gather information on what made for successful adventuring parties. Seraphina Cedarroost, her most successful agent, chronicled the decline and disbandment of the adventuring Rakka's Heroes in the fall of 900.   Using intelligence gained over several years, Josephine felt confident that the time was right to form the Treeleaf Union's inaugural adventuring guild. This group wouldn't be fighting fiends or aberrations in epic battles, playing  instead to the Union's strengths: stealth, subterfuge, and a reliable pool of bards and graduates from Mulane College. This spy network, codenamed THEM, proved remarkably effective and had infiltrated every nation in Pescaliat by the mid-910's.
Current Location
Year of Birth
823 108 Years old


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