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Rakka's Heroes

An adventuring guild created by the nation of Rakka to protect the kingdom from foreign and domestic threats. After Gameth's Royal Knights Brigade defeated the Sunken God in 897, Rakka invested heavily into making a band of adventurers of its own to compete with Gameth and Sardivelia on the global stage.   Led by career diplomat Astara Hadad, the group faced several setbacks as trained adventurers died at an alarming rate on quests to stabilize the kingdom's eastern frontier. A reliable roster of heroes was established in the final weeks of the year 900, a group that uncovered a devilish conspiracy lead by the amnizu Naberius threatening to plunge Rakka into a violent civil war with the dark elves of The Verschow. Despite such successes, the group was disbanded in the early months of the year 901 due to its high turnover rates and the costs of supplying so many demanding adventurers. Director Astara became Rakka's ambassador to Sardivelia, and the retired Rakka's Heroes wandered Pescaliat a little wealthier and a little more renowned.


List of Members Team Dumbass
The sub-group Team Dumbass consisted of Cig, Kipp, and Kirby, each with an Intelligence score of 8. The team lasted for several months until Kipp was killed in action and Kirby left the party.
List of Directors


Astara Hadad, Director for Rakka's Heroes, was rewarded with her dream role as ambassador to Sardivelia after helping guide the nation through a tumultuous New Year's Eve and the assassination of High Marshal Jalil Hafiz. At the marathon meeting held on New Year's day there was talk of continuing to fund Rakka's Heroes, but the nation's military leaders determined that it'd be more efficient to allocate the adventuring group's funding towards future military training and recruitment operations. Having existed only half a year, Rakka's adventuring group would fall to the wayside.

900 - 901

Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
The Daydrinkers, Ghost Punchers, Cedar's Boys, the Fruit Boys, The Flux, ANL
Leader Title
Parent Organization


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