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Lilith Dracsthik

An entombed blood hunter and former member of Rakka's Heroes. Discovered in the 890's by goliath archaeologist Arjahn Kazemi in the Campanel Desert, when he discovered the animated suit of armor's abilities he sold her to the Rakkan government for use on adventuring missions. Stern and hostile, the warforged made no friends in the adventuring group and abandoned the party after less than two months. Another humiliating episode for the government-sponsored adventuring group, Lilith left Rakka altogether and disappeared somewhere in the Temeraire Mtns.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Blood Hunter, Order of the Mutant

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Mysterious Origins

Arjahn Kazemi's archaeological team tried to interview the warforged when she was first discovered in a ruined dragonborn fort, yet she refused to give nothing but short answers and threatened to harm the research team on multiple occasions. Interviews with Rakka's government proved similarly unsuccessful, but over the fall of 900 an outline of Lilith's life began to take shape.

The design of Lilith's armor and trademark scimitars indicated that she was a high-ranking soldier in the kingdom of Temeraire, a powerful dragonborn empire from the world's 1st Cycle. A cataclysmic war with the yuan-ti of Sheyuan destroyed many of the dragonborn kingdoms from that time, including Temeraire and its magnificent cities spread across the modern-day Campanel Desert. Discovered inside a fort in the southern regions of the Desert scarred by weapon damage, it's believed that Lilith's soul was preserved inside a suit of armor as the dragonborn's body suffered a fatal wound. When asked why she agreed to undergo the ritual, Lilith responded curtly 'To defend Temeraire forever'.   Few records exist about the type of magic used by the 1st Cycle's dragonborn empires, but several theories have emerged as to how Lilith soul's was preserved inside a suit of armor for thousands of years. Rakkan experts reported on how Lilith's supernatural hunting abilities seemed to draw power from the soul inhabiting her armor, leeching energy to amplify her abilities in the midst of combat. Skalla-Grim Chio, inventor of the world's first warforged, suggested that Lilith's creation represented a primitive form of the process he used to manufacture his warforged in the Free State of Thorvald. Samples taken from Lilith's armor indicated that it contained many of the same elements as the enchanted metals used to craft warforged, suggesting that the dragonborn of Temeraire may have had access to technolgies and powers unseen on Ekal until the present day.

Failed Adventurer

Arjahn quickly learned that Lilith would not be an artifact that he could study from the comfort of his estate in Orem's Crescent Quarter. When a routine test ended with Lilith breaking the spine of one of his research assistants, Arjahn concluded that the warforged's aggressive nature would make any research project end in violence. Lilith's reckless behavior may have been due to her sense of dislocation in the modern era: her soul had been preserved to defend an empire that collapsed thousand of years prior, and she struggled to find a new purpose.   That fall an offer came from the tiefling nation of Rakka to purchase Lilith from Arjahn, giving the warforged a reason to fight as a member of the adventuring group Rakka's Heroes. Astara Hadad, Director and head administrator of the adventuring group, was in need of extra fighters to support her active-duty members after several deadly encounters, and she managed to purchase the ancient blood hunter for a reasonable sum.   Lilith's remarkable powers became quickly apparent, racing across the battlefield with supernatural speed and dexterity. Unfortunately, the warforged proved to have zero social awareness or emotional intelligence. She would stalk her allies on their off days in town and threatened them with violence on multiple occasions, sometimes shutting down entirely while combat raged just a few feet away. The breaking point came in a dispute over an enchanted cloak, where Lilith tried to kill the wizard Giga Tron before being quickly dispatched by the young gnome.   She was kept overnight at a prison in the Rakkan city of Rel-Avery while Director Astara wrestled with the best way to defuse the situation. Nobody had died in the intra-party fight, but an adventurer who attacked their own party members couldn't be allowed to stay on the government payroll. It was agreed that Lilith should be banished from the party for her violent actions, and once the warforged collected her ancient scimitars she left the city without a word. For seven days she marched through the Rakkan wilderness without rest, reports from Despero and Broggfey saying that she continued moving towards the Temeraire Mtns. Some scouting parties tried to follow her into the brutal mountain range, but she disappeared somewhere amidst the region's snow-capped peaks.
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