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A form of immortality wherein a person's soul becomes stored inside a suit of armor. This armor becomes the soul's new body, allowing the person to move around the world without having to worry about eating, sleeping, or breathing. The ritual was first invented by the Dragon God-Kings of the 1st Cycle, with some cultures like the archmages of Old Myltev referring to the entombed souls as 'eidolons'.


The rituals surrounding the process of entombment have been lost to the ages, but modern spellcasters have determined that three major elements are needed to make the ritual successful: an enchanted suit of armor made of rare metals, the divine blessing of a Dragon God-King or similar entity, and a rare gem to act as the spell's focus and initiate the ritual. Studies of Lilith Dracsthik by Rakkan researchers identified the armor's composition in 900, 4th Cycle, but the power levels and specifications of the other two components still remain a mystery.

Cultural Reception

Entombed creatures still remain a rarity in the modern world, but the psychopathic tendencies of those entombed like Lilith has raised fears among researchers throughout Pescaliat. The Dragon God-Kings clearly wanted warriors capable of fighting long after mortal bodies would collapse, but for more than 7,000 years there haven't been any dragons to give orders to these warriors. What do the entombed do with their immortality, and who would they listen to if there are no god-kings to fight for?
Chronic, Acquired


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