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"We have been here since the world's inception, defending against yuan-ti and monstrous deities. Is it too much to ask that we have a say in the direction the world takes in this new era?" -Jezean Hestheroth at her inauguration as leader of Bahamut, 898, 4th Cycle
One of the oldest races in Ekal, the dragonborn used to be ruled by powerful dragon kings during the 1st Cycle. A cataclysmic war with the yuan-ti left the dragon kings dead by the start of the 2nd Cycle, but the dragonborn survived and adapted to a new world as elves and humans rose to prominence. Strong and patient, dragonborn are renowned as metalworkers and fighters all over Pescat. Their presence is less welcome in Liat, where the human nation of Gameth waged a brutal war against the region's metallic dragonborn centuries ago.

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Geographic Origin and Distribution

Many majority-dragonborn nations exist in Pescaliat:
  • Bahamut in Southern Pescat is composed of predominantly red and green dragonborn with a council of aristocrats voting on a national leader every five years. After the collapse of the Elflands Empire in 897 the kingdom has played a larger role in regional politics.
  • Lotan Conservation near the Campanel Desert is a massive nature preserve defended by tribes of powerful blue dragonborn. Protecting some of the world's rarest species inside the Conservation, the blue dragonborn prefer to isolate themselves from global affairs and have remained a neutral kingdom for thousands of years.
  • Melusine in the Northern Territories is by far the oldest nation in the world, ruled by a religious theocracy worshiping the dragon god Io. While the religious authorities maintain an active draft and force every able-bodied adult to serve in the military, as of yet the kingdom has remained neutral in the constant wars that plague the region.
  • Metallic dragonborn used to live in large numbers in the Nestorian Mtns. on Liat, but they were mercilessly hunted to the point of near extinction by the human kingdom of Gameth in the 100's of the 4th Cycle. Metallic dragonborn have been found in small numbers in nations like Rakka, Sabha, and Despero, but their populations are small compared to the world's chromatic dragonborn
  • White dragonborn predominantly live in the Toothless Mtns. in Glace. Excluded from the kingdom's power-sharing agreement between the elves, humans, and dwarves, white dragonborn have sometimes rebelled against the government or migrated to other nations for better jobs and lives.
  • A variety of dragonborn live in the Free State of Thorvald, serving alongside the dwarves and goliaths mining for ores and precious metals.
80 yrs.
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