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Astara Hadad


A female tiefling and former director of the adventuring group Rakka's Heroes. The first director of the nation's government-sponsored adventuring party, she decided to recruit from a wider pool of fighters and mercenaries after eight RH adventurers died in a single month. A coffee enthusiast with dreams of one day working in Sardivelia, she was appointed as Rakka's ambassador to Sardivelia after helping guide the kingdom through the tumult of High Marshal Jalil Hafiz's assassination on New Year's Eve 900.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Astara grew up in a well-to-do family in Rakka's capital of Delmascar. Her mother working as a diplomat and her father as a military researcher, they placed high expectations on Astara to work in the Rakkan government as well. She learned three different languages at Scherazad Academy, and within months after graduation she was working in the nation's diplomatic corps.   As a newcomer to the nation's diplomatic force, the Rakkan government sent her to the far-off Northern Territories to act as a liaison between Rakka and the region's tiefling minority. Many ambitious diplomats saw the assignment as equivalent to a jail sentence, but Astara enjoyed learning about the kingdoms of Kawa and Oda Clan and their strange customs. The story of Oda Clan's rise to power particularly caught Astara's attention, amazed at how the kingdom hired a band of freelance adventurers to destabilize its largest political rival and reshape the maps of the Northern Territories.   In countless letters Astara urged the Rakkan government to hire an adventuring group of its own to protect against both foreign and domestic threats, but for years her advice fell on deaf ears. It wasn't until the Royal Knights Brigade, an adventuring party sponsored by the human kingdom of Gameth, defeated the monstrous deity known as the Sunken God in 897 that the Rakkan military council agreed that it'd be in the national interest to hire an adventuring party of its own. Rakka's Heroes was formed a couple years later, Astara chosen as the group's first director.   With vast amounts of money and time poured into the creation of the adventuring guild, expectations were high to turn Rakka's Heroes into national celebrities. Astara was almost fired in the fall of 900 when eight adventurers died in a single month, including Rakkan favorite son Mickal Irakosk. Fearing the end of her political career if she presided over the death of another Rakkan native, Astara decided to outsource the nation's adventuring needs by hiring mercenaries from all over Southern Pescat. A paladin from Myltev, a bard from Bahamut, and a druid from Broggfey were just some of the additions Astara made to Rakka's Heroes to make it stronger and more adaptable to global threats.   As the party traveled across the Rakkan frontier fighting drow and fiends alike, Astara moved back and forth between Delmascar and the industrial city of Rel-Kadrar to curry favor with Jalil Hafiz's military government. If Rakka's Heroes continued its winning streak, perhaps Astara could turn the political clout into a cushy job as the Rakkan ambassador to Sardivelia.   Sure enough, Astara's opportunity came on New Year's Eve 900 when a couple of drow rebels from The Verschow infiltrated a gala hosted at Rel-Kadrar's city hall and assassinated the current High Marshal Jalil Hafiz. Rakka's Heroes dealt with the drow rebels and devilish conspirators like Sammal Najjar and his wife Hedera, calming uncertainty in the region and granting the military council precious time to appoint a new leader of Rakka for a peaceful transfer of power.   Director Astara's efforts to organize and oversee the emergency meeting did not go unnoticed, and in return for her hard work she was rewarded with her dream job as an ambassador to the wealthiest human kingdom in the world. Rakka's Heroes weren't as excited for her promotion, arguing that the fiend Naberius and his plan to plunge Rakka into civil war still needed to be averted. But Astara maintained that the adventuring group had done all that was expected of it, leaving Astara and her girlfriend/secretary Naamah Asker to prepare packing for the big move to Trecce. The crisis between Rakka and the Verschow was solved without Astara's help with the signing of the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar, the former adventuring guild director focusing on points of interest where the Rakkan and Sardivelian governments could collaborate.



  • Rakkan Ambassador to the Northern Territories (887 - 899)
  • Director of Rakka's Heroes (900 - 901)
  • Rakkan Ambassador to Sardivelia (901 - Present)


Contacts & Relations

  • She started a minor scandal when she started dating her secretary Naamah Asker in 899. The two have been inseperable ever since.
Current Location
Year of Birth
862 69 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
  • Common
  • Kiri-Common
  • Infernal
  • Elven
  • Celestial


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