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Treaty of Rel-Kadrar

A treaty drafted to put an end to centuries of conflict between the tiefling kingdom of Rakka and the separatist dark elves of the The Verschow. The Treaty allowed for the re-integration of the Verschow back into Rakka, allowing the region's dark elves to engage in trade and business within Rakka and providing them with two permanent seats on the kingdom's military council. The treaty also established the abolition of slavery within the Verschow and created a twenty-year timetable for the assimalition of the kingdom's territory back into Rakka.    While overlooked by the more ambitious Treaty of Iverburg signed a few years prior, the Treaty of Rel-Kadrar led to an era of peace and stability within Rakka's borders unseen in over four hundred years. The treaty settled centuries of bitter disputes as both sides sought to move past their traumatic pasts and look forward to a future where Rakka would stand as the most influential kingdom in Southern Pescat.


To put an end to four centuries of conflict between Rakka and the Verschow and allow for the re-integration of dark elves back into Rakkan society.

Document Structure


  1. Establishing the new political arrangement in Rakka
  2. Abolishing the slave trade and other criminal pursuits in the Verschow
  3. Establishing industries and areas of interest for collaboration between the two kingdoms

Historical Details


A month before the treaty's signing, it appeared that Rakka and Verschow would be plunged into a bitter civil war that would leave the region in shambles and thousands dead. The assassination of Rakka's High Marshal Jalil Hafiz by drow rebels appeared to be the match that would ignite the conflict, but in the intervening weeks several factions worked tirelessly to prevent an all-out war. As acting High Marshal, Father Eli Anderson traveled to all the cities of western Rakka to gather support for his antiwar position. Meanwhile a band of adventurers worked to overthrow the Verschow's corrupt matriarchy and install a more reform-minded family to lead the region. By the time Jalil's daughter Proserpine Hafiz took over as the new High Marshal of Rakka, there were powerful factions on both sides of the conflict to seek a peaceful resolution, especially when it became clear that a fiend by the name of Naberius was responsible for stoking the flames of war.


In the decades following the treaty's ratification, Rakka experienced an unprecedented period of peace and stability within its borders. Time spent waging a cold war with the Verschow could now be spent eliminating bands of gnolls and illithids, providing safety to the ranches in the kingdom's frontier. Commoners initially hostile to this sudden reconciliation between the two kingdoms couldn't dispute the increased productivity from the Verschow's re-integration, and within a couple generations dark elves would be just as nonthreatening as Rakka's aarakocra or goblinkin.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
901, 4th Cycle
Signatories (Organizations)


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