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A large Sardivelian city on the westernmost edge of Liat and home to the influential Piedmonte Family. Known as the 'City of Bridges' for its canals and walkways.


  • 78% Human
  • 7% Gnomish
  • 4% Kuo-Toa/Bullywug
  • 2% Elven
  • 9% Other Races

Guilds and Factions


When Paolo Piedmonte became the first human to circumnavigate Pescaliat in 196 of the 4th Cycle, he was awarded numerous titles and the funds to create a luxurious estate for bringing glory to the kingdom of Gameth. He chose to build Trecce on the remains of a flooded elven village in the kingdom's far west, surrounded on all sides by the Karaga Sea and far away from the claustrophobic streets of Gameria.   Paolo and his descendants turned Trecce into a manufacturing hub for Gameth, crafting some of the fastest ships and finest armor in the kingdom. While Trecce never grew large enough in size to rival neighboring Garavecchio, with careful oversight from the Piedmontes the city rose from its elven ruins to become a wondrous metropolis of canals, bridges, and luxurious estates. To this day Trecce is one of the most popular non-religious tourist attractions in Pescaliat.   Trecce prospered through Sardivelia's secession from Gameth and subsequent expansion across the Karaga Sea, surviving the intrigues and changes in fortune of its most famous family. The city's greatest threat came from the seasonal floods that would swamp the low-lying areas of town, forcing the Piedmontes to rely on mages capable of controlling water and earth with ease. While most world governments will tolerate a couple of mages in their royal court, a cabal of close to a dozen wizards are rumored to operate in Trecce to keep the city afloat with funding from the Piedmontes.   When Paoli Piedmonte declared Trecce the new capital of Sardivelia many wondered if the city was large enough to host the hundreds of nobles and diplomats. It soon became clear that Paoli had changed the capital precisely for this reason, forcing government officials to live on the most inhospitable outskirts of town if they failed to show proper respect to Paoli through exorbitant bribes. Trecce has grown since Paoli's rise to power to match its status as the capital of a merchant empire, but many quarters of town now struggle with the floods that plagued Trecce's founders centuries ago.
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The City of Bridges
Large town
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