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An ancient city and informal capital of Sardivelia. Some of the oldest temples in Liat are found here, and its weeks-long festivals draw people from all over the world. For decades it was the capital of the Sardivelian empire until Paoli Piedmonte moved it to Trecce in the 880’s. The city also serves as the ancestral home of the Gentiloni noble family.


  • 82% Human
  • 5% Elven
  • 3% Gnomish
  • 10% Other Races

Guilds and Factions


Centuries before the founding of Gameth, Garavecchio was the site of an ancient elven kingdom known as Saer D'evlia. Saer was one of the kingdoms to fight against Gameth's founder King Cosmere Nestorius and his golden fleet in the first century of the 4th Cycle, but they proved no match for his superior numbers. Many of the elves fled to the forests of Hakon, and Saer's capital city was awarded to Cosmere's trusted general Ronaldo Gentiloni.   While the Gentilonis claimed ownership of Garavecchio dating back to Gameth's founding years, this offered them little advantage in modern-day Sardivelia's game of thrones. The Gentilonis were only able to lead two successful coalitions, and most times they served as junior partners to more influential families like the Piedmontes or Grappas. While the center of Sardivelia's political gravity moved to Paoli's hometown of Trecce in the 880's, Garavecchio is still one of the largest towns in Liat and benefits from a massive tourism industry for its weeklong religious festivals and celebrations.
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