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CoS Session 23: A Festival for Paoli, Pt. 2

General Summary

  • The night of plotting begins
  • Sebastian forges some chef’s credentials and makes a poisonous stew
  • Convinces the guards at Grego’s estate to take the stew
  • Guess they’re tired of the dry chicken Grego keeps serving them
  • Later Sebastian meets up with Roland and Elan at Temple of Drachma
  • They find a ton of explosives surrounding temple in back-alley
  • Like 36 boxes of the shit!
  • Elan gets a wagon from Paoli, they move 2/3rds to docks
  • Roland and Sebastian dump more boxes into the sewer
  • But then Cella appears
  • Cella warns them that they shouldn’t interfere in the affairs of gods
  • Rexfur’s a joke, and they must make room for true gods
  • Roland and Sebastian prepare for fight, but Cella casts spell first
  • The two of them puke their guts out until Elan cures them
  • Finally, it’s time for the closing ceremony of the Festival of Drachma
  • All the noble families make speeches about Sardivelia and its future
  • But everybody’s here for Grego and Paoli’s speeches
  • Sebastian and Roland are close to stage
  • Elan and Nikolaj are close to edge of town square
  • In town square there’s a massive statue of Drachma and his temple
  • Paoli argues that Sardivelia must help Gameth
  • Gameth represents best of magic and human culture, can stop corruption
  • Crowd’s not convinced
  • Grego says Sardivelia should join Avicenna
  • They’ve been burned by religious zealots before, Sardivelia must abandon all magic
  • The crowd starts cheering him on
  • Just as festival’s about to end, Cella and Fairouz are spotted in the crowd
  • Sebastian tries to warn Paoli, gets ignored
  • Cella fires off two shots at Paoli, misses and kills his one of his nearby advisers instead
  • Chaos breaks out, and battle begins
  • Boss Battle: Fairouz and Cella
  • The whole party decides to gang up on Fairouz
  • Magic missiles, axe blades, backstabs, the works
  • Roland paralyzes Cella multiple times, Elan psyches her out
  • When Fairouz gets near-death, she summons Lolth’s power
  • Spider exo-skeleton forms around her, healed some
  • But it doesn’t matter much since Nikolaj defeats her
  • Cella and Fairouz disappear, and Paoli is saved
  • In the fallout, public opinion moves against Grego
  • People are shocked that his sister’s a cultist
  • There are rumors that he poisoned his own guards! (Thanks Sebastian)
  • His zealotry is seen as hypocritical, he flees to his estate
  • The god Drachma appears that night, gets drinks with the party to thank them for their help
  • He was worried about Grego’s anti-god stance
  • Nikolaj convinces him to join Rexfur’s pantheon
  • They head to Paoli’s place, and he’s ecstatic
  • Sure his assistant died, but now he’s got all the nobles in line
  • His assets are unfrozen, and he’s a rich man again
  • Gameth (and him) will benefit from new arrangement
  • Sebastian’s a little suspicious of Paoli’s ambitions
  • Back on the ship they fill Falworth in on everything that happened in Garavecchio
  • This reassures him, promises payment will arrive soon
  • Their next assignment is in Hakon to deal with rumors of unrest...
Report Date
17 Feb 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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