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Elan Quinn

A free-spirited half-elf skilled with the dulcimer, Elan Quinn is a founding member of the Royal Knights Brigade and one of the most talented bards to come out of Gameth.  

Physical Description

Special abilities

Bard, College of Lore

Mental characteristics

Personal history


Born out of wedlock in an affair between Hakonian politician Harald Quinn and a local elf woman named Dælla Divisav, Elan was adopted by Harald and raised as one of his own in the suburbs of Oakengaard. Inspired by her older sister Catriona's stories of adventuring and life outside their small town, she decided to join Catriona in Gameria and start working in the Royal Knights Brigade. Her adventures in the 870's involved defeating Fairouz the Undying's Coven and ending the Avicennan War, after which she traveled to Pescat in the 880’s to obtain a blessing for Rexfur at the Ageless One's grand temple in Dhamma (It was least she could do: the god of thieves and kings blessed her with a new hand after Willard Grimsbane chopped off her left hand in Kanara).

The Drowning Years

In the 890’s she rejoined the RKB and escorted Queen Astrid to Kassædeia for the funeral of Emperor Polonius III, after which the party decided to join the Characters Revolution and overthrow the oppressive Elflands government. When her nephew Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum fell ill in Kassadeia she took care of him until he recovered enough to travel again. She reunited with the RKB in Kassadeia to help defeat the empire during the New Year’s Massacre of 897, and she was just as shocked as everybody else when it was revealed that their Characters liason Mariner was working for the Sunken God and had resurrected Amara Fireheart from the grave as a wight.   She helped the party fight and defeat The Mariner, escaping to Kanara with the help of Medraad Le Fey. She enraged Medraad by breaking Wilbur Whately out of The Shroud's prison, even though they wanted to hold him for questioning on account of his cultish activities. For this reason Queen Astrid had to expel her from the Royal Knights Brigade's active service, but as compensation she was tasked with investigating the activities of Wilbur in Hakon alongside Roland Fireheart and a couple of adventurers. After seeing Wilbur in his natural element surrounded by traps and horrifying creatures, she had a change of heart and decided to apprehend Wilbur for further questioning in Oakengaard.   Elan spent her retirement from the RKB dating a kenku woman from the Shroud named Gwendolyn Ra, but after a few months she grew tired of Gameria and decided to travel the world once more. In 898 she vanished from Gameria, traveling around Pescaliat and beyond in search of something that even she wasn't sure of. Wealthy socialites in Havre and Poroshenko claimed to have partied or spent a night with her over the intervening years, but more than a quarter century has passed without an official sighting of the half-elf.
Chaotic Good
Year of Birth
856 72 Years old
Aligned Organization

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