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Catriona Quinn

A female druid and former member of the Royal Knights Brigade. Landing the killing blow to Fairouz the Undying at the Battle of Faouzia in 876, she retired from the adventuring life and took a position as a professor at Eldermere University in Oftin. Her two sons, Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum and Salamander Quinn-Malum, would both go on to become adventurers as well.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Druid, Circle of the Moon

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to a nobleman by the name of Harald Quinn in the suburbs of Oakengaard, Catriona’s connection to nature first started at a young age in her artwork and frequent outings to the countryside. When her childhood friend Alma disappeared without a trace, she traveled to Gameria with a paladin named Roland Fireheart to try to find her whereabouts.   Their investigations helped them uncover a vast conspiracy hatched by a group of necromancers known as the Court of the Undying, and with generous funding from the Gamerian government they traveled across the continent to fight liches and dictators during the Avicennan War. Catriona was able to rescue Alma from the clutches of the Court, saving her from execution by having her join the Temple of Erivo in Gameria. Catriona stayed in Gameth’s capital for a season to make sure her old friend recovered from the trauma, allowing her half-sister Elan Quinn a chance to adventure with the Royal Knights Brigade.   As the Avicennan War came to a close in 875 and Fairouz the Undying's power grew, Catriona rejoined the RKB to eliminate the threat the lich posed to Liat. Just as Fairouz was about to usher in a new reign of terror with the summoning of some eldritch being from the Far Realms, Catriona fought and killed her at the Battle of Faouzia in the spring of 876. Catriona then retired to life as a professor of evocations at Eldermere University, marrying an anthropology professor named Diviciacus Quinn-Malum and having several children together.   Her eldest son, Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum, caught the adventuring bug as well and started working for the Royal Knights Brigade in the summer of 896. Cereus died in the fall of 897 at the Trials of Grettir helping the party obtain the Iron Flask that would defeat and contain the Sunken God. Grief-stricken, Catriona had Cereus' body returned to Gameth and buried near their family home in Oftin. After Cereus' death she prohibited her children Sal and Aine from adventuring or from spending time with their adventurous aunt Elan. Aine took this advice to heart, but Sal remembered how inspiring Cereus was with his magic abilities and vowed to one day follow in his footsteps as part of the RKB.


Diviciacus Quinn-Malum


Towards Catriona Quinn


Catriona Quinn


Towards Diviciacus Quinn-Malum


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Year of Birth
852 79 Years old
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