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Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum

The firstborn son of renowned adventurer Catriona Quinn, Cereus wanted to travel the world as soon as possible to prove his worth. Taking up the druidic quarterstaff his mother used to kill Fairouz the Undying, he traveled Pescaliat in the late 890's fighting pirates and agents of the Sunken God alike until his death during the Trials of Grettir in 897.  

Physical Description

Special abilities

Druid, Circle of the Moon

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Adventuring Years

Cereus's first mission for the Royal Knights Brigade started when he escorted Queen Astrid to Kassædeia in 896 to attend the funeral of Emperor Polonius Avon III. Following the terrorist bombing of the Temple of the Ageless One that killed half of the Elflands government, him and the rest of the Royal Knights Brigade joined the Characters to overthrow the oppressive Elflands Empire with Queen Astrid's blessing.   These adventures took the party through every major Elflands province, but early on Cereus fell ill in Kassadeia after a run-in with a band of sahuagin on the Karaga Sea that left him bedridden for months. He lost his sense of taste as a result of the illness, but his aunt Elan Quinn nursed him back to health until they could rejoin the RKB and help them overthrow the Elflands government in on New Year's Day 897.   Cereus helped infiltrate the Globe Palace and defeat Bianca Avon in when she summoned the strength of a white draogn. When it was revealed that The Mariner was an agent of the Sunken God and that the entire revolution was a ruse to facilitate the god's return to Ekal, he fled with Medraad Le Fey and the rest of the RKB back to Liat to regroup and escape the sahuagin army devastating Kassadeia.

Venturing Towards Grettir

While Elan retired from active service in the Royal Knights Brigade in 897, Cereus continued adventuring with the RKB through Myltev and Southern Pescat. Queen Astrid discovered that a legendary dwarven item known as the Iron Flask could be used to contain and defeat the Sunken God, so the party traveled to the Free State of Thorvald to collect the relic.   Along the way Cereus fought in the DW Session 25: Battle of Chernenko that led to Cpt. Tarkov's death, survived the Gleb Invasion, and got hardcore friendzoned by the party's healer Flora. They remained civil to each other, and Flora even revived Cereus when he foolishly got into a fight with a man named Radovan the Killer in Oblast and died.

Tournament of Tragedy

Once the party arrived in Thorvald's capital of Grettir they learned that the only way the dwarven leadership would hand over the Iron Flask was if the RKB fought in a giant tournament for blood-sport. With the fate of the world on the line, the party was left with few options but to agree to the terms.   The first couple of rounds were fought without much difficulty, but Cereus was knocked out by a frost giant's axe swing during the second round. His situation worsened in the final round when it was revealed that the RKB would be fighting the celestial incarnation of Thorvald Grettirson, the founder of Grettir.   It was a terrible fight as the RKB competed against a rival band of adventurers to defeat Thorvald and claim the Iron Flask for their own. Thorvald's godlike powers killed fighters with a single blow, and Cereus and Flora became unfortunate recipients of his deadly axeblade. Jax delivered the final blow to Thorvald's celestial avatar, but in the wake of the battle half of the RKB's active forces were left dead on the ground.   A Scroll of Reincarnation gifted from an elven wizard helped revive Flora, but a quirk of the spell transformed her aasimar body into that of a thri-kreen. The same could not be said for Cereus. It took a full day for Flora to regain her powers after the reincarnation, and afterwards she lacked the resources needed to cast a revival spell powerful enough to bring Cereus back from the dead. With no options for revival, Cereus was left for dead at the age of 18. His body was returned to his mother in Oftin, given a proper burial worthy of such a heroic adventurer.


Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum


Towards Salamander Quinn-Malum


Salamander Quinn-Malum


Towards Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum


Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum


Towards Aine Quinn-Malum


Aine Quinn-Malum


Towards Cereus Diviciacus Quinn-Malum


Neutral Good
879 897 18 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Thorvald Grettirson during fighting tournament
Aine Quinn-Malum (Sister)
Aligned Organization


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