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A college town on the edge of Lake Etirna in northern Gameth. People travel from all over the world to attend Eldermere University, and the Handgun thieves guild uses the town it as its base of operations.


  • 72% Human
  • 15% Elven
  • 2% Halfling
  • 2% Tiefling
  • 9% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • Eldermere University - the oldest wizarding school in all of Pescaliat, its founding rumored to date back more than 4,000 years ago. 
  • The Handgun - a thieves guild specializing in the theft of magic items to sell them to the highest bidders. A truce with Eldermere University to not recruit from the school's student population has ensured a peaceful atmosphere in Oftin


Oftin is one of the great ancient cities of the world, with ruins discovered pre-dating the Ostry Apocalypse more than 4,000 years ago. Established as a remote outpost of the Myltev Empire before being rebuilt by the elven kingdom of Hakon in the wake of the Apocalypse, its reputation as a foremost center for wizardry and higher learning has grown with every passing century.    Perhaps due to its proximity to the Kelethian Woods and its portals to the feywild, perhaps due to powerful glyphs and runes set in place by its founders, Oftin has proven to be a powerful nexus for magic on the continent of Liat. Spells become easier to cast, the powers of magic items are amplified, and portals to other planes have been known to appear in strange corners of the town.    So much raw magic power could prove disastrous in the wrong hands, which is why the city leaders of Oftin have maintained a sense of neutrality over the years. Apart from a local town guard, the faculty of Eldermere has taken it upon itself to defend the town from threats both local and interplanar. In recent decades the Handgun has also assisted in the town's defense, using some of its stolen magic items to ward the city against unwanted visitors.    This unique political situation made Oftin a convenient location to negotiate treaties and alliances between rival kingdoms. Gameth's conquest of Liat was finalized with the Treaty of Oftin in the early years of the 4th Cycle, the magic town's autonomy reluctantly accepted by the new leaders of the region.    Oftin's prestigious status has allowed it to stand above the intractable rivalries and conflicts of the world. Tieflings from Rakka and elves from the Elflands have shared dorms at Eldermere, and even during the Hakon Dispute of the 830's the school admitted students from both sides of the conflict. Kingdoms have come and gone, but Oftin and its curious powers will remain.

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