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Eldermere University

A massive college founded in the early years of the 3rd Cycle. It maintained its independence and commitment to higher education for centuries, even after the founding of the kingdom of Gameth in the 4th Cycle. In the modern era Eldermere is considered one of the most prestigious institutions for higher learning in all of Pescaliat, attracting students and professors from all over the world.

Purpose / Function

To provide a safe haven for students to study and for professors to research the true nature of magic in the world of Ekal.


Massive stone buildings tower over the center of Oftin, constructed over the span of centuries to create the ideal environment for spellcasters to hone their craft. The Center for Wizardry stands at the center of Eldermere's college, with other schools of magic branching off with their own buildings and complexes.


Mentions of Eldermere University date back to the 3rd Cycle's eighth century, when many of the region's kingdoms first began to centralize power and trade with each other in Liat. Eldermere College's hometown of Oftin was founded as a neutral zone for members of rival kingdoms to meet and study arcane and technological matters away from the political intrigues of the outside world. This founding principle carried Eldermere through centuries of uncertainty and crises, surviving in the modern era as one of the most respected institutions on the continent of Liat.   Countless generations of professors and presidents have come and gone, but over the course of three millennia Eldermere has amassed an impressive reputation that can attract some of the most powerful spellcasters in the world to its institution. As a recent example, Catriona Quinn retired form the Royal Knights Brigade to accept a position as a professor of druidic magics in 877.
Founding Date
700's, 3rd Cycle
University / Educational complex
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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