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The capital city of the Gamerian province of Hakon. Surrounded by dense foliage and a natural wellspring of magic, the city is a utopia for environmentalist thinkers and druids from all over Gameth. Buildings and temples are carved into massive trees around the city, and its residents maintain an antagonistic bent towards the industrialized cities of Gameria and Ravi.


  • 67% Human
  • 29% Elven
  • 1% Tiefling
  • 3% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • The Knights of Yo-Na - While its forces are known to roam all across the forests and plains of Gameth, the druids and rangers that make up this band of nature-loving adventurers have a guildhall in Oakengaard where they seek to recruit residents to their environmentalist cause.


While other elven nations like the Elflands Empire forged the future by stepping out of their ancestral forests in the wake of the Ostry Apocalypse, Hakon's elves found strength and stability in their homeland of the Kelethian Woods. The forests' fey powers and magic was used to carve homes and settlements from its massive trees, the largest of these settlements becoming modern-day Oakengaard and a source of pride for the Hakonians who called it home.   The city's remote location at the northernmost edge of Liat made it the last holdout in Gameth's conquest of the continent, a years-long siege ending with the annexation of Hakon by Gamerian forces. Harbors and large-scale farms were established around the city to tap into the rich resources of the Kelethian Woods, behavior that was seen as sacrilegious by its longtime residents. Protests and strikes often plagued the city, mercilessly suppressed by the Gamerian authorities to ensure a steady supply of food and timber for the kingdom's burgeoning capital to the south.   Generations passed, and Oakengaard's human settlers began to see the region as something more than just another resource for the kingdom to harvest. The protests grew in size and frequency, pushing Gameth's leaders to reform or face severe consequences. This new round of protests culminated in the Hakon Dispute of the 830's, a terrible civil war that left Hakon independent from Gameth for more than half a century. Queen Astrid managed to reunify the kingdom with her deep-rooted connections to Hakon and its needs, making several concessions to Oakengaard's residents to slow the nation's industrialization in the early 900's. Tensions remain between the city's environmentalists and the industrialists from Gameth's mining operations, but unlike in years past the Gamerian monarchy has found a way to accommodate both sides.
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