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Knights of Yo-Na

A band of barbarians and druids patrolling the Gamerian wilderness. Founded by Jackson "Jax" Capaldi after he was formally banished from the Royal Knights Brigade, he traveled to the Kelethian Woods of Gameth to spread his spirit guardian Yo-Na's influence throughout the continent of Liat. Although politically independent, the group has been known to assist local authorities in apprehending monsters and for orchestrating environmental protests against the Gamerian government. These protests were tolerated by Queen Astrid due to Jax's contributions to the RKB, but under her daughter Stella III Jax and his Knights have found their group's influence severely diminished.


Knights of Yo-Na membership numbers in the dozens, its spartan lifestyle and brutal training program making it a hard commitment for even its most devoted followers. The size allows Jax carte blanche control of every aspect of the group, and also keeps it small enough to avoid intense scrutiny from Gamerian authorities.


Founding Date
898, 4th Cycle
Geopolitical, Tribe


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