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A small town resting on the ancestral border between Hakon and Gameth. The hometown of the famed adventurer and paladin Roland Fireheart, the town was notable for its importance to the Gamerian war effort during the Hakon Dispute of the 820’s. A faithful order of paladins and clerics in service of the deity Helm operate the city's local defenses.


  • 90% Human
  • 7% Elven
  • 3% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • Helm's Faithful - a holy order of paladins and clerics that have served in the city for millennia. Originally founded by elves from before the founding of Gameth , the organization is mostly run by humans now


According to ancient records dating back thousands of eyars, Watchtower was founded by the god Helm himself after the conclusion of the Ostry Apocalypse. In a bitter conflict with the monstrous deity Abaddon, Helm sealed his rival away behind a Crimson Door hidden deep beneath the city's temple. Elaborate wards and protections were put in place to ensure that Abaddon would never escape his interplanar prison, Helm's paladins swearing an oath to stay ever vigilant against the monstrous deity.    As the centuries wore on and kingdoms rose and fell, Helm's Faithful remained in Watchtower to hold true to their deity's tenets. The paladins tried to stay above petty politics, joining the side that would promise the most stability and peace in the region. This neutrality was strained during the The Hakon Dispute, a violent civil war with Watchtower stuck between two warring nations. The war nearly split Helm's Faithful in half, but the group survived by turning inward and declaring a semi-autonomous city-state within the city walls.    The city's paladins played a vital role in defending the city from monsters that roamed the countryside during the Fairouz Terror, most notably through Roland Fireheart's heroic feats defeating Valdemar the Undying. Roland's influence on Queen Astrid Nestorius' ensured that Helm's Faithful would play an influential role in national politics, enshrining some of the group's most sacred tenets such as maintaining order and eliminating all undead/aberrations.    After the Battle of Faouzia Helm's Faithful fell into complacency with fewer monsters to fight. The city was slow to adopt new technologies from Ravi, ensuring the dominance of Helm's Faithful in the city with little interference from the outside world. This proved to be the group's undoing when in 908 a cult came to power on the outskirts of town under a charismatic celestial being by the name of Aufiel. Plagues and disaster ravaged Watchtower, leaving dozens dead and much of the city in ruins. Serious investment was needed from the Gamerian government to rebuild the city, and with Roland's passing several years prior there was nobody to vouch for the city's interests on the Queen Astrid's royal council. Helm's Faithful, for the first time in decades, found themselves locked out of government as environmentalists from Oakengaard and industrialists from Ravi filled the Queen council.


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