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CoS Session 39: Battle of Faouzia

General Summary

  • Theo flies party to Castle Faouzia, Elan stays back on ship
  • Troops moving around, party tries to stay stealthy
  • Adam has black camo on, but he gets noticed and has to come up with story
  • Party dons Coven uniforms, gets stopped by guards to central building
  • Adam accidentally mentions Medraad’s name
  • When guards bring them in for questioning, party kills them
  • They walk down hallway full of tombs of enemies they’ve killed
  • Party enters atrium, where hundreds of guards have showed up for summoning
  • Organ is playing, Fairouz is at top of staircase with the Ostry Blade
  • Statues of all the deities working for Coven mounted on the walls
  • Party pushes through crowd to get up on staircase
  • Medraad uses telekinesis, pulls Blade from Fairouz’s hand
  • Catriona casts plague of insects on Fairouz, eggs on fight
  • Final Boss Fight: Fairouz the Undying
  • Adam lands a lot of critical hits
  • Prichard’s guiding bolts deal a lot of damage
  • Medraad tries to restrain Fairouz with telekinesis
  • Fairouz resists it, casts disintegrate on Medraad
  • He dies, vaporized to a pile of ash
  • Fairouz uses killing word on Adam, he dies instantly
  • Prichard uses revivify to save his life
  • Catriona, in second wind, fights back with flame blade
  • Lands killing blow, stabbing Fairouz through the heart
  • Tower collapses, Coven guards flee in chaos
  • Party escapes unscathed back to Theo's ship
  • Adam, shellshocked from near death, is put to sleep by Elan
  • Prichard tests out Ostry Blade, works pretty easily
  • Later that night Man in Black shows up to mourn Medraad’s death
  • Prichard gives him Ostry Blade, Man in Black promises to bring him back
  • They all smoke cigarettes together in Medraad’s honor
  • Party flies back to Gameria
  • Eastern part of city is destroyed during defense against dragon attack
  • Roland led forces, but he survived battle unscathed
  • Queen Astrid is pleased that Fairouz is dead, dismayed by Medraad’s death
  • Awards everybody in party 1,000GP
  • Party meets with Asmodeus to break news of Medraad’s death
  • Asmodeus takes it hard, but 1,000GP helps
  • He promises to expand The Shroud in Medraad’s honor
  • Epilogue
  • Adam finds tailor to design him costume called ‘Blue Lighting’
  • Catriona gets offered teaching job at Eldermere
  • Elan, feeling restless, decides to go abroad
  • Medraad revived as ghost by Man in Black
Report Date
21 Jul 2019
Primary Location


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