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Castle Faouzia

Fairouz the Undying's headquarters during her reign of terror in the 870's. In 876 she planned on using it as the summoning site for a monstrous deity known as the Orange King, but she was killed by the Royal Knights Brigade before the ritual was complete at the Battle of Faouzia in 876.


Fairouz the Undying chartered the creation of this imposing edifice during her reign of terror of the 870's from the remains of an abandoned lighthouse. She turned the lighthouse into a private mansion and expanded the ground floors into a large antechamber to summon her monstrous deity the Orange King. Two wings stretched out on either side holding the tombs of her fallen allies (Cella Vivaldi, Valdemar the Undying, etc.). After the Battle of Faouzia in 876 where Catriona Quinn delivered the killing blow to Fairouz the Undying, the lighthouse tower collapsed and left much of the castle's antechamber in total ruin.   Scavengers scoured the destroyed palace after the Fairouz Terror, but the island was left abandoned for years as rumors persisted of monsters haunting the ruins. The Royal Knights Brigade discovered in 897 that an ettercap raised by Fairouz was running a spider farm on the premises, selling his giant monstrosities to cults and monstrous deities like the Sunken God. A massive battle ensued to purge the castle of its monstrous inhabitants, after which Queen Astrid summoned the power of her goddess Erivo to destroy the remains of the castle.
876, 4th Cycle
Founding Date
874, 4th Cycle
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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