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A miserable fishing village on the southern edge of the island Stachka in Myltev. A statue dedicated to the god Seevo looms over the town square. It was the site of the 897 Battle of Chernenko where Cpt. Tarkov and his inner circle were killed by members of Gameth’s Royal Knights Brigade.


  • 98% Human
  • 2% Other Races


Despite its strategic position halfway between the capitals of Avicenna and Myltev, Chernenko's population never grew much beyond a few thousand. Anarchy and frequent coups in Myltev's capital of Oblast may have discouraged large-scale development for fear of becoming an attractive target for pirate warlords.    So for centuries the inhabitants of Chernenko eked out livings from the waters of the Largas Ocean, sometimes feuding with Avicennan vessels pressing into Myltevian territory. The coronation of Nikolaj Baratov as the new king of Myltev in 897 promised reform and change from decades of uncertainty, but so far little has changed about Chernenko's village life in any meaningful way.
Founding Date
783, 4th Cycle
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