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The capital of the kingdom of Myltev. Established in the middle of the 2nd Cycle, its ruined temples are interspersed with modern-looking buildings and businesses. Pirates and smugglers and hitmen fill the streets, and if you’re looking for anything shady you’ll find it here. Crime saw a significant decline in 897 after the overthrow of Cpt. Tarkov's regime and Nikolaj Baratov's coronation as the new king of Myltev. In 907 the city was renamed Nikograd to honor the ten-year anniversary of King Nikolaj's coup.


  • 88% Human
  • 4% Tiefling
  • 3% Elven
  • 5% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • A large presence of exiled tieflings from Rakka have made Oblast their home due to the city's significance in tiefling history. Composed of political exiles and failed revolutionaries, the so-called Infernal Quarter is one of the wealthiest sections of Oblast and has played an influential in recent Myltevian governments. 


More than 4,000 years ago, Oblast was once the capital of a sprawling empire ruled by tiefling emperors and defended by a vanguard of aasimar warriors. The Myltev Empire has been the only kingdom to have ever controlled all territory bordering the Karaga Sea, and the empire's great spellcasters oversaw a golden age of architecture and magic study in Pescaliat. But all that fell apart at the dawn of the 3rd Cycle in a calamity known as the Ostry Apocalypse, leaving the Empire in tatters and forcing its survivors to create a deity known as The Ageless One to defend themselves from total destruction.    For years Oblast was seen as a cursed land and a warning against mortal hubris. The few buildings that survived the Apocalypse like the Sterry Khram loomed over a torn landscape, bleached white and left in shambles by the monstrous deities from the Far Realms that terrorized the world. No exact date can be given, but by the middle of the 3rd Cycle Oblast had become a haven for criminals and exiles from all over Pescaliat seeking a new life at sea. Oblast's new identity as pirate capital started to form, leading to centuries of pirate raids and headaches for its neighboring kingdoms.    While coups and pirate raids were a common occurrence in Oblast for much of its modern history, its large population and proximity to several metropolises like Gameria kept it afloat even in the worst of times. Entire villages could disappear after a bad year of harvests and raids, but Oblast survived even the most violent years of piracy just like it survived the Ostry Apocalypse.    With support from the Gamerian government, the new King Nikolaj Baratov has sought to modernize the city and turn it into a hub of culture and commerce like other great world capitals. Oblast's rugged character still remains, but many see potential for the city in an industrialized world defined by airship travel and global exploration.


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