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CoS Session 38: The Rise of Tarkov

General Summary

  • Party flies to Gameria, warns garrison in Eastwood of imminent invasion
  • In Gameria Medraad checks on Shroud
  • Asmodeus is recruiting more people, gathering intel and strength
  • Medraad gives him 500GP for group’s growth
  • Asmodeus will start investing Coven activity in royal court
  • Somebody wants Verona dead and Handgun destroyed
  • Prichard still not keen on adventuring life, but he enjoys royal accommodations
  • Gets introduced to Elan and Catriona, kinda awkward
  • Party flies via Theo to the ancient city of Oblast
  • Fireworks, explosions, gunshots going off
  • Pirates are uniting to push back the Coven invasion
  • A celebration of sorts, party has to propel down ropes
  • Theo’s not landing in that mess
  • At the ground level Prichard does some scrying to find out where Fairouz is
  • She’s in the Temple of Myltev, descending into crypts beneath cellar door
  • This Temple now doubles as a bar!
  • Party starts to head out, but then a detachment of Coven troops appear
  • But before they fight, a pirate troop runs them off
  • Once Coven guards flee, pirate troop leaders shows himself as Cpt. Tarkov
  • He’s got ambitious plans for pirates of Myltev uniting them together and establishing a pirate empire
  • Tarkov will give them map of Sterry Khram crypts for 600GP each
  • Medraad’s suggestion lowers price down to 300GP each
  • Catriona keeps watch, rest of party sneaks inside Temple
  • Adam’s invisible, everybody else is disguised as Coven guards
  • Elan convinces guard to let them into crypts, against Fairouz’s orders
  • The crypts go on for miles
  • Murals detailing the vast history of the ancient empire spread out across walls
  • Elan and Adam think they see a giant Fairouz spider, but it’s just an illusion
  • Finally makes it to antechamber, where last Emperor of Myltev is buried
  • There are rows and tombs, one sarcophagus looms in center of room
  • A statue is etched onto top of sarcophagus, emperor is holding blade
  • Adam starts punching at sarcophagus, breaks lid in half
  • Inside, there’s just a really old skeleton. That’s it.
  • Fairouz shows up behind them in the corridor, Ostry Blade in hand
  • She’s mad about all of the people close to her the party's killed
  • Party doesn’t care, Elan casts Thor-sized lighting attack
  • Fairouz has a rough time of escaping
  • Adam punches her, Medraad traps her with telekinesis
  • She finally breaks free and opens portal with the Ostry Blade
  • Next stop, Faiouzia
  • But she leaves group with parting gift by reanimating all the room’s corpses
  • Mini-Boss Fight: hordes of zombies
  • Prichard scares a group of them back into their tombs
  • But the other groups take it personal and start whaling on him
  • Elan summons a ghost dog that has a taste for zombie flesh
  • Medraad, never big on melee combat, fires some long-range missiles
  • Adam punches at least one zombie, but eventually everbody’s dealt with
  • Great, but Fairouz still escaped w/ Ostry Blade
  • Upstairs in the Temple, Cpt. Tarkov and his men are drinking night away
  • They successfully pushed back Coven guards back into sea!
  • Tarkov wants fleet attacking ports from Kiri-Kawa to Avicenna
  • Adam tries to start fight w/ pirate wearing a small hat
  • Gets KO’d instantly
  • Elan tries to fight the guy and tosses down his ale
  • Pirate guy KO’s her too
  • Medraad has to use thaumaturgy lightshow to make guy abandon fight
  • Party sulks back into Theo ship, flying to Faiouzia
Report Date
14 Jul 2019
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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