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Sterry Khram

An ancient temple located in the center of Oblast. Built in the glory years of the Myltev Empire in the 2nd Cycle, it was one of the few buildings in the city to survive the Ostry Apocalypse of the 3rd Cycle. Despite its weathered appearance, it remained a gathering site for faithful worshipers for centuries to come.


Three massive domes loom over the skyline of Oblast, one of which is partially caved in and exposed to the elements. Studies of the Myltev Empire indicate that that the Sterry Khram used to be a multicolored spectacle that glowed vibrant greens and blues in the night, but the church is now a bleached-white color and with a rough coral-like texture. The Sterry Khram's central room covers several acres, offering plenty of space for merchants, pilgrims, and tourists passing through the city.
Founding Date
2nd Cycle
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization
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