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DW Session 26: Enter the Mindflayer

General Summary

  • The party cleans up from the long Battle of Chernenko
  • Flora helps Astrid revive one her sailors killed in the battle
  • Margaret breaks up with Jax, she’s worried about his recklessness
  • There’s a loose end to investigate, one of Tarkov’s inner circle members is missing
  • Gleb was present at the start of the battle, but he disappeared in the chaos
  • His ship is still out at sea, and her sailors Colin and Gregory haven’t returned from an investigation.
  • So Jax, Beleren, and Flora row out to the boat to check it out!
  • Margaret and William are coming along
  • They find a ship full of goods from the Elflands, but nobody’s on board
  • Until Beleren opens a door and finds a giant sahuagin
  • Sailors Colin and Gregory are slumped over and unconscious
  • Jax slays most of the sahuagin without any problems
  • One of them summons a tsunami-sized wave that floods the ship
  • She gets killed too, and the party escapes before the ship sinks
  • Party reports back to Astrid, concerned about if Gleb’s connected to Sunken God
  • Jax mentions that the boat was named The Ildred
  • That's the name of an old mindflayer, but surely it’s just coincidence?
  • Party says its goodbyes, begins sailing towards Oblast
  • Nikolaj is being coronated as the new king of Myltev
  • Astrid is towing Tarkov’s ship behind them as a sign of strength in Oblast
  • Vanya says goodbye to Beleren (Mellitus), gives him 5GP for dragon turtle passage
  • As the party sails along Astrid has a talk with Flora
  • She explains romantic love to Flora, says Cereus has a crush on her
  • Flora understands, she brutally friendzones Cereus not long after
  • Beleren crafts a potion of suggestion, to lull victims into a false sense of security
  • The party arrives in Oblast to thunderous applause from the docks!
  • The locals are overjoyed to see Tarkov overthrown
  • Decorations celebrating Nikolaj’s new reign adorn the houses and ships
  • Beleren and Jax are a tad disappointed to see the city in such high spirits
  • Astrid’s relieved that the there’s less unrest in Gameth’s backyard now
  • Allows her and the RKB to focus on the Sunken God
  • Astrid heads over to Nikolaj’s keep to discuss politics, the party’s free to explore the city
  • Jax and Beleren go shopping at Fat Mike’s Emporium
  • Fat Mike has a little toy monkey with cymbals that claps whenever somebody lies
  • Beleren buys a Cloak of the Mountebank (with Jax’s help)
  • Jax buys a Decanter of Endless Water, he’s impressed by the geyser feature
  • Cereus, still friendzoned by Flora, goes with her to the Sterry Khram to do some sightseeing
  • Flora notices the elven refugees and shrines set up to honor Rexfur (not Erivo)
  • She buys souvenirs for the entire party
  • Everybody meets up at a tavern near Nikolaj’s keep to discuss the day’s events
  • Beleren listens to the tavern talk, ears prick up when he hears about unrest in the south
  • Jax tries to do a Myltevian take on the dragonshine challenge, he can’t make it
  • Later that evening the party’s called to Nikolaj’s keep for a late-night meeting...
Report Date
22 Feb 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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