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DW Session 28: Nikolaj's Coronation

General Summary

  • It’s Gleb, gaunt and menacing
  • He gives party an ultimatum: surrender to the Sunken God or die
  • Party flat-out refuses, isn’t swayed by Gleb’s talk of mental and psychic power
  • Jax takes a swing, Gleb’s image quivers and is revealed to be some kind of psychic ooze
  • Enemy encounter: Elder Oblex and Black Puddings
  • For once, Jax takes a heavy beating from the Elder Oblex
  • That draining psychic damage adds up fast
  • Cereus also takes some licks, his armor nearly destroyed by the Black Pudding’s corrosive blows before being KO’d
  • Flora was stunned by a Vargouille’s shriek
  • Beleren was, once again, the MVP by killing one of the Black Puddings and delivering the killing blow to the Elder Oblex
  • Oleg tried to help with a handful of spells and attacks
  • The party, having survived the encounter, travels back up to the surface of Oblast with Nikolaj’s skull in tow
  • Before parting ways with Baba Yaga, Jax keeps his word and tosses Oleg back into the cottage to let him escape
  • Back in the keep Nikolaj is reunited with his body, and Queen Astrid is visibly relieved
  • They take a long rest to prepare for the coronation ceremony the next day
  • Thousands show up for the coronation ceremony, and the RKB has a front-row seat next to Queen Astrid for the occasion
  • A well-dressed man with a golden beard places a hand on Nikolaj’s shoulder once he’s been crowned as the new king of Myltev
  • Nikolaj’s body starts glowing with a blinding golden light, and once it’s dimmed Nikolaj appears as a changed man
  • Nikolaj, for the first time in over twenty years, has hair and skin and eyes and everything that makes a human alive
  • The crowd erupts in a new wave of applause as they witness history in the making
  • After the party Astrid takes the RKB aside and tells them that she’ll no longer be joining them on their adventure
  • She needs to stay in Myltev to help Nikolaj with the intricacies of governing, and the denizens of Thorvald don’t look kindly on royalty
  • Fallworth’s daughter, a young woman named Helena eager to work for the department that oversees the RKB, will be arriving in Oblast in a couple weeks to take her place
Report Date
07 Mar 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location

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