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DW Session 29: Don't Mess With Radovan

General Summary

  • Plenty of downtime while the party waits for Fallworth’s daughter, Helena, to show up
  • The entire party goes armor shopping after those Black Puddings really ruined their outfits
  • A local blacksmith promises to have it all ready before they leave Oblast, especially after Flora’s threat
  • Jax asks for half-plate armor, but since that would take a while longer to make he gets the name of someone in town who has a set he can use.
  • Flora visits the local shrine of Erivo and donates 520 GP to the priest
  • He’s a thri-kreen by the name of Chokhta #5
  • Beleren buys a sack of flour and a pack of cookies in the shape of a skull for the party from a nearby bakery
  • Cereus writes a love letter to Flora, a mix of poetry and Erivian religion to try to win her heart
  • It’s not great, but he’s a little less out of the friendzone now!
  • The entire party goes shopping at Fat Mike’s to check out what all he has in stock
  • They pick up three healing potions from him for a reasonable deal
  • Fat Mike also has a Potion of Rejuvenation, an amber bottle with a small beating heart inside of it
  • Beleren wants it to rid himself of some of the ghost’s aging effects, and Cereus outright buys it for him!
  • Belren nearly gags drinking it (especially when he gets to the beating heart), but he downs it all and looks 10 years younger
  • Jax and Flora go to the address where the half-plate armor is supposed to be
  • They have an audience with an elderly tiefling woman named Qadirah, a political exile who asks why Jax wants her late husband’s armor
  • Jax explains about the Sunken God and the Characters, and while Qadirah doesn’t like the idea of helping elves she’s pleased to hear that he’s a former member of the Characters
  • He buys the half-plate for a solid 1,200 GP
  • Jax suggests that the party visits the local gambling hall together
  • Beleren agrees to go after meeting with Frobert, his local Shroud contact
  • The party has a fun time gambling with Oblast’s bigwigs and upper classes
  • Flora makes some solid winnings, Jax ends up losing a good bit
  • Beleren does some lobbying on Nikolaj’s behalf, trying to win over the wealthy still unsure of Nikolaj’s rural support
  • Jax gets invited to an exclusive fighting pits session, he cleans up nicely after an intense second round
  • Then Cereus goes and fucks it all up
  • He noticed an older nobleman eyeing Flora, so Cereus decided to go up to him and cause some beef
  • Constantin, the merchant pirate, easily picks up Cereus and tosses him out into the streets
  • Cereus sneaks back inside, so Constantin gets his bodyguard Radovan the Killer to toss out Cereus
  • Cereus decides to punch Radovan after getting kicked out, a terrible mistake since Radovan has the stats of a CR 12 Warlord
  • Boss Fight: Radovan the Killer
  • Radovan KO’s Cereus in three rounds
  • Even with Conjure Animals Cereus is no match for Radovan’s power
  • Flora rushes out to help him, but it’s all she can do to heal him and drag him back inside the gambling hall
  • Radovan’s relentless though, and continues to KO Cereus two more times before Flora flees the scene
  • Beleren doesn’t fight since he believes Cereus got himself into this mess, but he does leave some ball bearings at the entrance in case Radovan leaves
  • Jax, as previous mentioned, is in an exclusive fighting pits match away from all the chaos downstairs
  • Cereus, abandoned by his party members, is stabbed to death
  • Radovan and Constantin leave through the back entrance while Flora rushes back inside to cast revivify on Cereus
  • Everybody thinks Cereus is a dumbass for the rest of the session
  • The next day Queen Astrid and her guard Vandakar barge in on the party to grill them on what happened yesterday
  • Astrid is livid, threatening to expel Cereus from the party if he does anything so stupid again
  • There’s nothing she can do about Constantin and Radovan’s vendetta, so Cereus will have to face up to that one day
  • In the meantime, Astrid introduces the party to Helena Lockmere
  • She’s Fallworths’ granddaughter, and she’ll be escorting the party on the next leg of their journey and keeping tabs on them for the RKB
  • Astrid leaves them to get to know each other while she meets with Nikolaj
  • Helena seems earnest and a little naive, but the party's fine with having her join the team
  • Jax, seeing her for an attractive woman, has ulterior motives
  • The party agrees to set sail that day
Report Date
14 Mar 2020
Primary Location

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