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A major deity appointed by The Ageless One to oversee and protect the world's bodies of water. Much like The Ageless One, Seevo is an amalgamation of various sea gods from around the world designed to embody the greatest strengths and abilities of these maritime deities. For this reason, visual interpretations of Seevo tend to be incredibly diverse as every coastal nation has their own version of the sea god.

Divine Domains

Tempest, Nature, Protection

Divine Symbols & Sigils

  • Statues tend to represent Seevo as a humanoid creature with the body of a human man, the head of kuo-toa or tortle, and hands in the shape of lobster claws. 

Tenets of Faith

  • To oversee the safe passage of ships traveling through the vast oceans and seas of the world
  • To accept that even in storms and strife, Seevo will provide a way out for the faithful
  • To understand that the vastness and unfathomable nature of the world's oceans
Divine Classification

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