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DW Session 25: Battle of Chernenko

General Summary

  • Battle of Chernenko Time!
  • Astrid hosts Tarkov for a day of surrender, offers poisoned wine to all of them
  • Most of Tarkov’s crew is killed from the poison
  • Meanwhile party sneaks onto Tarkov’s ship to seize upper hand
  • They have to kill a couple guards, but they get above deck
  • It’s raining
  • They see Tarkov and Valentin, surrounded by the bodies of his fallen men
  • Boss Fight: Cpt. Tarkov and Valentin
  • Jax destroys gangplank, of course
  • Valentin has to struggle for five turns to get onboard
  • Tarkov has a couple of succubi with him, so the battle has some tension
  • Cereus summons a lot of wolves, and it takes forever for Tarkov's forces to kill them all
  • Jax gets charmed, but he hardly takes any damage so it doesn’t matter
  • Tarkov KO’s Flora, Cereus animorphs into eagle to rescue her
  • Tarkov is killed by Jax, but not before summoning a demon
  • Valentin finally gets on board, and is promptly killed by Jax
  • Flora, now revived, comes back on board to provide some spellcasting
  • The summoned demon decides it’s not worth it to continue fighting and leaves
  • Astrid and her crew survived the battle with minimal casualties
  • The village is in ruins, but Tarkov and his elite force have been defeated
Report Date
15 Feb 2020
Primary Location


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