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A small village in Hakon's rural mountainside. The village has long had a reputation of supernatural occurrences, and Wilbur Whately was rumored to have been born here.


  • 97% Human
  • 1% Elven


Dunwich was one of the towns in Hakon to predate the founding of Gameth, a small village of elven druids and fey-touched warlocks. The town's spellcasters were said to commune and meet with the archfey beings of the Feywild, but rumors abound of some of the town's residents seeking contact with eldritch beings from darker realms.    When the region's elves were forcefully removed to the city of Oakengaard by Gameth's human denizens, the druids and warlocks left behind their enchantments and communions with the fey. For centuries legends would come and go about strange sightings on the outskirts of town, at one point forcing even the great wizard Theo Faust to investigate.    In the industrial era the rumors have yet to subside, if anything a new strain of legends have arose surrounding one of the town's most notorious residents: Wilbur Whately. The warlock was born under mysterious circumstances, him and his family dabbling in arcane practices long since banned by Gameth's rulers. Wilbur was captured and died in a jail cell years ago, but sightings of terrible monsters and eldritch creatures are still reported with an alarming regularity.
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