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A male dark elf and current leader of The Handgun thieves guild. Ever lured by the promise of rare magic items, for a brief time in the 870's he journeyed with the adventurer Roland Fireheart to undermine the necromancers of the Court of the Undying. Roland sought to avenge his murdered family, Azrael needed an excuse to search for potential smuggling routes around Liat. In 873 he fell under the thrall of some of the Court's dark magics, but he was rescued by Roland and the other heroes of the Royal Knights Brigade.

Azrael returned the favor by helping the RKB fight Fairouz the Undying during the Avicennan War, providing them with a means of sneaking into Avicenna and reclaiming some stolen magic relics. In the process the RKB rescued Azrael's ex-girlfriend Verona de Noves from an Avicennan execution, helping her escape back to Handgun HQ in Oftin and heal the schism that had split the thieves guild in half.

 United and leaving the mistakes of the Fairouz Terror in the past, Azrael led the Handgun into a golden age of heists and burglaries all over Pescaliat. His agents filched hundreds of magic items from the ruins of Kassædeia, and they expanded their operations into the Northern Territories for the first time in the guild's history. Empowered by his organization's string of successes, in the 4th Cycle's tenth century Azrael plans to deal with many of the Handgun's longtime rivals and all but monopolize the magic item business.
Current Location
Year of Birth
483 452 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
134 lbs
Aligned Organization


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