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Filip Vikander

A powerful wizard specialized in the art of transmutation. Considered one of the Nine Great Sages of Liat, he operated out of Oakengaard for centuries and helped to merge the town’s infrastructure with the local flora and fauna. He fled Hakon in the 820’s during its civil war with Gameth, moving to a lighthouse on a small island between the borders of Glace and Myltev to perform his research and experiments free from political pressures.

In 897 he helped the Royal Knights Brigade transform into different races and discover breakthroughs regarding the Sunken God's use of illithid elder brains, and in the winter of that year they helped defend his lighthouse while he performed a ceremony to transform an elder brain into a kraken. Mórolingwe, the world's first kraken in over twenty years, was safely moved to a far-off island where Filip cared for him in secret for year. Nobody has seen him since the ritual's completion, and without any sightings or signs of life he's been presumed dead by many world governments.

Physical Description

Special abilities

  • Wizard, School of Transmutation
Year of Birth
488 447 Years old
Ruled Locations


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