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Filip Vikander's Lighthouse

A weather-beaten lighthouse situated on a small rock between the islands of Potemkin and Nevsky. Purchased by the transmutation wizard Filip Vikander in 827, its isolation from the outside world was perfect for Filip to research powerful spells and inventions in private. Four animated coat racks roamed around the island, keeping Filip's house clean and tending to the island's small garden. The lighthouse was destroyed in the fall of 897 during a battle between the Royal Knights Brigade and the Sunken God's  forces. During the fight Filip managed to transform an elder brain into a kraken, the first of its kind in more than twenty years.   Filip abandoned the lighthouse and disappeared on his way towards the continent of Rana. In the late 910's the lighthouse's ruins were salvaged by the githzerai wizard Craghan Navierre and tranformed the lighthouse into a floating laboratory with a kintsugi patchwork of stonework and magic keeping it afloat. He used Filip's old lab equipment to dissect living Kalashtar in the hopes of one day severing the connection between Windred Ozlow and her quori spirit Cheyeashtai. He transported the lighthouse to the Koulan Forests in the spring of 919 in a final confrontation with Windred and her allies in the Fortunate Five, but he was killed in the battle and the lighthouse exploded in a burst of arcane energy above the Forests' canopy. The lighthouse's remains are now scattered throughout region, slowly consumed by the Koulan Forest's encroaching plantlife.


897, 4th Cycle
Founding Date
827, 4th Cycle
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
Characters in Location


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