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Fortunate Five

A band of adventurers working for the Gilded Hecat Guild. Assembled to meet the GHG's adventuring requirements, this team's size has fluctuated between 5 and 7 for much of its existence.   Despite interparty disputes over the group's guiding philosophy, the FF had numerous successes in the fall of 918 fighting sahuagin and spirits alike in the Imperial Marshes of the Treeleaf Union. When the party stopped the wraithlike incarnation of Bianca Avon from enslaving the Union the group became overnight celebrities, using their newfound fame to secure a six-month contract with Chusei University in the Northern Territories and providing some much-needed stability to the region. So far they've helped to defeat threats like the archmage Monomakh the Foreseer and the cultist Ownka Ramm, and assisted in the founding of the Chusei-aligned kingdom of New Tolball in the Kiri Remnant  In 921 their services were contracted once more by Luciana Chabert and the Ageless One to banish the fiend Gray Hat once and for all from the realm of Ekal.


List of Members
Founding Date
918, 4th Cycle
Adventuring Party
Alternative Names
Fantastic Few, Fantastic Fellows, Fortunate Fellows


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