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Ysmyrelda Starr

A half-elf bard and member of the Fortunate Five An attendee of the disastrous will reading for the Marquis George Vechian in 850, she was granted 1,000GP from the will and with Jupiter Talzerine's help discovered the Marquis' personal diary full of secrets about the other attendees. They both escaped the island of Ashera as the manor burned to the ground and a spectral entity killed half a dozen people, returning to the mainland to start a lucrative criminal enterprise together.   The details are unclear, but Ysmyrelda and Jupiter may have had a falling out as the half-elf disappeared from Talzerine Enterprises in summer of 860. Half a century later she woke up on a boat traveling through the Strait of Myltev in the year 910, adrift in time in a world drastically different from the one she remembered. She searched for like-minded individuals and attended Mulane College for a couple years, befriending the yuan-ti sorceress Phaedra before the two of them decided to join Bahamut's Gilded Hecat Guild in 918. Phaedra left the Fortunate Five over intense disagreements with the group's leader Zan'kiri, but Ysmyrelda stayed on and helped assist the party in numerous missions throughout the Treeleaf Union and Northern Territories.

Physical Description

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  • Bard

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Personal history

Ysmyrelda was born in the farming town of Rochelle, displaying a passion for music and performance from a young age. She abandoned the family business in the 840's and traveled west to Havre to hone her talents as a street performer. But politics interrupted her fledgling career in the capital, and before long she found herself playing at all the bars and taverns in the shipping town of Brei.   Only after the disastrous events at Marquis Vechian's will reading in 850 would she return to Havre, using her wealth and alliance with Jupiter Talzerine to forge a criminal enterprise. Their lucrative relationship was great until it wasn't, a decade of friendly collaboration ending with Ysmyrelda frozen in time for half a century. The mystery surrounding Jupiter's motives for the betrayal would be a driving force in Ys' decision to join the GHG, seeking the power and contacts needed to confront her old friend.    Ys and Phaedra started out as close allies working together in the Fortunate Five, performing together at every tavern they came across while hunting ghosts in the Treeleaf Union. But as Phaedra's wild magic became more and more unpredictable Ys started to distance herself from her college friend, siding more and more often with Zan'kiri's cold pragmatism. She would assist the necromancer in his plot to kill Jezebeth Rahal in the Imperial Marshes, pilfering through Jezebeth's belongings and forging letters to cover up the tiefling's disappearance.    Despite the drama of the team's first couple months, Ysmyrelda remained a member of the FF and joined them on their long-term contract for Chusei University in Sanjuro City. Ys managed to deftly negotiate with Monomakh the Foreseer and rescued Reetma from the ancient archmage's lair in less than twenty-four hours, gaining some snazzy hand jewelry in the process. In the Koulan Forests she helped defeat Ownka Ramm and Theo Vechian in the same day, the latter being a source of Ys' hatred dating back to the Marquis' disastrous will reading. But she didn't leave the battle without some scars: although quickly revived by Windred Ozlow, Ys experienced her first death after her lifeforce was drained away by one of Theo's minions.    In between adventures Ysmyrelda took the time to make friends with people outside of the FF, befriending the quirky gnome Loopmottin and encouraging her to pursue her dreams of a train-free world so long as she didn't resort to terrorism. Through a chance encounter with the God of Garments Leo Mancini Ys became a member of the prestigious Handgun thieves guild, pulling heists with the Red Whisper and meeting with Ryota to plot the heist of the century on Chusei's Museum of Natural Wonders. If the Handgun continued to profit and grow, maybe she could use its resources to finally confront Jupiter and put an end to her criminal empire.    Ysmyrelda always found the time to perform with her violin, stealing the show during a battle of the bands concert in the Way of the Range. If she ever manages to capture the soul of a defeated monster, she could have the spirit harnessed into a magical violin designed by none other than Pescaliat's greatest bard Duke Mithril.
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