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The Red Whisper

A female kalashtar and one of the most notorious Handgun thieves in Southern Pescat. She started raiding the ruins of Kassædeia during the Sunken God's Reign of Terror, and despite enormous bounties on her head she evaded authorities and bounty hunters alike for years. Conflicting reports claim she was in Rakka at the turn of the century, working on some assignment for kenkus from the Silver Beak in Rel-Kadrar. Her trail becomes harder to follow as the century wears on, sightings of her reported everywhere from Anthep to Grettir  In 919 she assisted Ysmyrelda Starr and other Handgun agents in successfully stealing a powerful magic necklace dating back to the Old Myltev Empire from the Museum of Natural Wonders in Sanjuro City. The operation went off without a hitch, becoming one of the greatest heists ever pulled by the Handgun. Chusei University would not easily forget such an offense, and in 928 she was killed by members of the University's Special Research Division in a fight for control of another Old Myltevian relic in Sviatoslav the Diviner's lair near the Gokkano Falls. Her death would be considered the first casualty in the so-called Thieves War that would roil the Northern Territories in the late 920's.
877 928 51 years old
Circumstances of Death
Killed by Kite von Prawnpeia
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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