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A tiefling city located in the central plains of Rakka. Known for its top-of-the-line manufacturing plants, it's one of the first cities in the world to research and develop firearms.


  • 82% Tiefling
  • 5% Goblinoid
  • 3% Dragonborn
  • 10% Other Races

Guilds and Factions

  • Regulated Steel - funded by the wealthy industrialists and factory owners of the city, this private militia maintains peace in Rel-Kadrar and prevents the outbreak of strikes and riots. 


For centuries Rel-Kadrar was nothing more than a frontier outpost to defend the inhabitants of Delmascar, sparsely populated by a blend of tieflings, goblinkin, and dragonborn. As Rakka began arming itself for war with the Elflands Empire, the resource-rich mountains and caves around the city became a vital gear in the Rakkan war effort as everything from plate armor to firearms was produced in the city.    A significant drow population used to live in the city, assisting with mining operations into the Underdark and refining the magical ores into valuable items like Ioun Stones and Sending Stones. Many of the drow abandoned the city after the secession of The Verschow in the 500's, leaving the city's tiefling leaders to navigate the vast and treacherous mines on their own.    Mining in Rel-Kadrar became a dangerous proposition, becoming one of the deadliest jobs in Southern Pescat by the 800's. The ores were needed to fund Rakka's ever-expanding war machine, and the tiefling leadership initiated a program encouraging goblinkin to settle in the city and brave the dangers of the region's mines. The arrangement provided the city with a steady supply of ores for its engineers and artificers to refine, interrupted only by the occasional goblin strike demanding better work safety or higher wages.    These strikes threatened to destabilize the entire Rakkan military-industrial complex, so the region's industrial leaders banded together to form a private militia capable of dealing with the unrest. Known as Regulated Steel, the militia became so powerful that they were feared within the borders of Rel-Kadrar more than even the Rakkan military. The Frumplekin Riot of 851 was the first test of Rel-Kadrar's new militia, crushing a weekslong series of strikes with merciless efficiency. Estimates put the strikers' casualties in the thousands, but Regulated Steel helped establish stability in the city and continue the city's rapid industrialization.


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